Irkutsk Electroprospecting Company one of the leading enterprises in Russia who offers a full cycle of electroprospecting researches - TEM, MTS, Direct-current methods for a wide range of geological tasks. It allows to investigate the geological environment with high resolution, mobility and reasonable cost.

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Magnetotelluric sounding is the method of electromagnetic survey to gauge the distribution of electric conductivity of the Earth at the depth from some hundred meters to some tens and hundreds kilometers. The TTS method has been traditionally used for regional geophysical survey in oil and gas prospecting, as well as exploring the layers and low resistance loci, supposedly heated in the Earth’s crust and upper mantle.

With raising the rank of analog-to-digital converter (ADC) used at up-to-date stations and enlarging the frequency range of MT-field recording this method may be applied both in surveying the deep structure of the Earth, for engineering purposes and ore prospecting.
The MTS-oriented hardware-software complex has been developed at IERP managed by Alexander Pospeev experienced in geophysics for 30 years. Some programs have been created for MT-signal recording, processing and interpretation. Proved to be highly efficient, they are employed for implementing geological assignments with top quality and performance.

·       Compactness of installation makes survey possible in complicated geographic settings;
·       Due to magnetotelluric variations the artificial source of electromagnetic field  is not required;
·       Because of a fairly low weight of devices and equipment (about 15 kg) for one sounding site the all-terrain vehicles are used for transportation and performance;
·       No limits for depth surveyance at any variations of sedimentary cover conductivity;
·       Feasibility to explore the upper horizons of the cross-section from the first tens of meters due to a high starting frequency of sounding;
·       High performance provided by a simultaneous operation of some autonomous sets of gauging equipment.



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