Irkutsk Electroprospecting Company one of the leading enterprises in Russia who offers a full cycle of electroprospecting researches - TEM, MTS, Direct-current methods for a wide range of geological tasks. It allows to investigate the geological environment with high resolution, mobility and reasonable cost.

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Geological-geophysical interpretation of data

The basic goal of geological survey is interpretation of geophysical data. The main point of interpretation is to explain which structures or geological units affect continuity of sedimentary cover and are reflected in TEM fields as anomalous sites. A comprehensive analysis of geological and geophysical data is used for a qualitative accomplishment of survey.
Acquisition and synthesis of available geological information are produced on the sites and adjacent areas under prospecting .
Before leaving for the field works a laboratory operator receives brief information on the geological structure of the survey sites designated on the map of the disturbed sedimentary cover, that lets to expressly analyze TEM data adequately responding to modifications of geological setting in time of signal recording. The final conclusions on the geoelectric structure of prospected sites and complicating structures are based on the data obtained. Geological maps are produced using materials of the past geological surveys.
Combined stratigraphic sections of study regions are made up at the stage of data acquisition; sections to geological maps are constructed applying the data of deep drilling and seismic survey (if available).
To specify the boundaries of intrusive bodies on the cross-sections the TEM data are engaged. In addition to recognizing zones of reservoirs based on TEM data, it is feasible to delineate and specify the boundaries as well as dimensions of formerly defined fault zones of different ranks, e.g. deep-seated or regional faults.



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