Irkutsk Electroprospecting Company one of the leading enterprises in Russia who offers a full cycle of electroprospecting researches - TEM, MTS, Direct-current methods for a wide range of geological tasks. It allows to investigate the geological environment with high resolution, mobility and reasonable cost.

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The system «GeoMap» developed with software GIS-component, our own product, is applied at IERP to operate topographic information, both in a raster and vector forms, for the purposes of electric prospecting. GIS is operated with unified DB of the programmed electric survey complex SGS-TEM to represent available spatial information (raster and vector maps and schemes of the regions, geometry of sounding equipment, GPS tracks, etc.). All spatial information is ordered and is accessible at any moment to any program of the complex for imaging or analysis. The system realizes instruments for work with cartographic and electric prospecting information: scaling, navigation over the map, operating projections, exchanging data with GPS receivers, instruments for imaging available observation grid (sources, receivers of electromagnetic field of different types – loop, line). The simplicity of  embedding GIS into any program of SGS-TEM complex favors solving various problems from visualization of equipment geometry to constructing plots and diagrams, etc. By now, the geoinformation envelope incorporates:

-          - Representation of vector information (point, linear, polygonal themes);

-          - Support of file format ArcView;

-          - Connection of tied rastres in MapInfo format;

-          - Hierarchy structure (tree) is supported for managing by representing themes;

-          - Mechanism of accessing databases based on ADO technology;

-          - Presence of component with flexibly changed configuration (Data Provider), ensuring access to the data from different tables/sources, with preservation of meta data (data on the structure and table links);

-          - Representation of information in the rectangular projection by Gauss-Kruger (meters);

-          - Import of data realized in the component, represented in geographic coordinates (latitude/longitude) WGS 84 and in Gauss-Kruger projections;

The program also involves the module for operations with portable GPS receivers-navigators Garmin to exchange coordinates between PC and navigator. Thus, it is feasible to expressly process obtained tracks by the instrument – scheduler of installations, and therefore to considerably raise the efficiency of operation.

GIS contains a high-capacity scheduler of observation grids to automatically compute geometry of installations (loop/line, diagonal and straight orientation, dimensions, etc.) as a profile version, and it essentially automates the process of projecting of area array. Scheduler of arrays allows loading the GPS track, received from external gauge or recorded by Project Manager 3 program, pick up by a special instrument the points of beginning and ending of the target track segment (sampling some independent segments of track is possible). Furthermore, having chosen such required parameters as the size of generator loop, distance between the centers of arrays, spacing between observation stations, etc., computation of coordinates of receivers and field sources is launched. The information gained can be further loaded into DB with the indication of picket and generator loop numbers.

Thus, the GIS system, referred to as «GeoMap», is capable of fulfilling diverse assignments preset at the stage of designing observation grids, imaging and representation of geophysical data.



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