Irkutsk Electroprospecting Company one of the leading enterprises in Russia who offers a full cycle of electroprospecting researches - TEM, MTS, Direct-current methods for a wide range of geological tasks. It allows to investigate the geological environment with high resolution, mobility and reasonable cost.

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At the Company we use the software-algorithm resources applied at different stages of survey by TEM sounding - from designing observation nets and hardware configuration to constructing geoelectric model of the target.

The software complex involves the program of managing projects, which actually represents the instrument for creating MTS projects and their further support. It is also capable of designing observation nets in GIS, browsing and editing office data, import and synchronization of projects.

The program of MTS data recording is aimed at setting configuration of recording equipment and managing it. Registration proceeds both in the autonomous regime and with an operator involved. It is feasible to observe the MT-field in the real time mode, and to evaluate spectral properties of recording signal. Besides, the program executes procedures of self-testing of the equipment.

A specialized program processes field data. At the stage of preparing data for processing an operator scans the initial signal and its spectral properties, checks parameters of registration and, when necessary, modifies them.  The program is based on the effective algorithms of noise filtration and procedures of calculating impedance and admittance matrices and solving redefined system of equations. A user may preset parameters of signal filtration, select different algorithms of evaluation of the solutions obtained. Processing results in the acquisition of impedance and admittance curves, which are mathematically transformed into curves of apparent resistivity. Available instrumental resources are employed to analyze initial and obtained data, to control and raise their quality and accuracy at different stages.   

An important element of the complex is the program of data interpretation.  At the initial stage it evaluates quality of MTS curves and excludes realization of impedance curves, which are very much different from the main curve. The obtained smoothed curves may be overviewed in the same system of coordinates, letting us lay down points with the least effect of near-surface heterogeneities, evaluate spatial domains of different types of non-horizontal effects. The instrument for a visual representation of geoelectric model is used for interpretation through profile. An operator can pick up 1D models selected for any MTS curve at the interpreted point, both with entry of correcting coefficient, and without it. The condition of conducting a fairly fast interpretation through the profile is presence of a formally approached 1D model for each curve at MTS point. Besides, this instrument executes iteration of 1D inversion for producing a smooth pattern of variation of geoelectric parameters, particularly in the deep-seated part of the cross-section. The algorithm of 2D modeling by Vardanyants is adapted to evaluating the inductive and galvanic effects on MTS curves.

At present the company specialists develop new program products for processing and interpretation of MTS data. Design and development are based on the modern techniques and software. The renovated algorithms are introduced into the new programs.



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