Irkutsk Electroprospecting Company one of the leading enterprises in Russia who offers a full cycle of electroprospecting researches - TEM, MTS, Direct-current methods for a wide range of geological tasks. It allows to investigate the geological environment with high resolution, mobility and reasonable cost.

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The «IERP» Company is a dynamically developing organization with a wide scope of research activities aimed at creating new techniques of electric survey, software, perfecting and upgrading equipment, production optimization. A close cooperation with geophysical organizations and research institutions makes up a foundation for fresh thoughts and ideas to be further realized as new technologies in production of the Company. The research workers regularly take part at geophysical conferences and seminars in Russia and publish their scientific papers in specialized journals. The newly invented techniques are commonly probed in the field to test and optimize the hardware-software units and introduce efficient methods under real conditions. The staff of the company is capable to investigate complex geological targets, and thus a proper place has been occupied at the market of geophysical services on the territory of East Siberia.  



Dear Friends! Irkutsk Electroprospecting Company wishes you every happiness this holiday season and throughout the coming year.  


IERP invites you to take part in the 2nd International GEOBAIKAL 2012 Research and Application Conference on Electromagnetic Research Methods ...


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