Irkutsk Electroprospecting Company one of the leading enterprises in Russia who offers a full cycle of electroprospecting researches - TEM, MTS, Direct-current methods for a wide range of geological tasks. It allows to investigate the geological environment with high resolution, mobility and reasonable cost.

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The electrical survey is performed at the enterprise of Irkutsk (Closed Joint Stock Company abbreviated as CJSC «IERP»), established in May 2007. The professional staff of «IERP» was set up of the personnel highly experienced in the methods of electromagnetic survey:
·                near-field transient electromagnetic sounding (TEM),
·                magnetotelluricsounding(MTS),
·                direct current and induced polarization (DC & IP), 
·               as well as some other efficient geophysical techniques.
Well known in Russia as the expert in geo-electric technologies Professor Alexander V. Pospeev, Doctor in geology and mineralogy, is currently administrative and scientific adviser.  He has been governing the most important electric surveys in East Siberia for the period from 1980s up today.  
The production operations conducted by the «IERP» personnel at all stages have been closely linked with research and science work performed jointly with researchers of the Irkutsk State Technical University and Institute of Oil and Gas Geology and Geophysics, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences at Novosibirsk. The activities of «IERP» are basically dedicated to implementing field experiments, mathematic simulation to perfect recording systems, electric data processing and interpretation. Application of the most advanced  technologies ensures high reliability and comprehension of the results obtained through solving the geological problems posed, while exploring the upper geological section, as well as when regional oil and gas prospecting is performed at depth. Importantly, that most of employees have got scientific degrees, the young ones are involved in post-graduate studies. The representatives of the company regularly attend both national and international conferences and workshops with presentations and talks to publicize the latest achievements and data acquired at the company. 
The technical support of CJSC «IERP» consist of caterpillars and large heavy trucks like Ural-4320, cross-country vehicles, up-to-date geophysical equipment and software. Valuable experience has been gained in preparing and setting up the field geophysical devices, equipping panel trucks based on landrovers. Organized in 2007, the transportation center houses haulage works and repair workshops to ensure maintenance and reparation of the vehicles and equipment assigned for field operations in the regions of diverse geographic and climatic settings.
Electric surveys are contracted by the Ministry of Natural Resources, «IrkutskGasProm» Company, «KadaNeftGas» Company, «Avangard» and some other large prospecting companies.



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